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Article: Best Women’s Shapewear and Waist Cincher Reviews

Best Women’s Shapewear and Waist Cincher Reviews

Best Women’s Shapewear and Waist Cincher Reviews

Nothing compares to a confident woman who loves her body. When a woman feels good about herself, she can do everything she puts her mind to. Besides wearing makeup and fashionable clothes, confident women wear shapewear on a daily basis too.

Shapewear became highly popular in the past years and women all over the globe wear it, because it makes the look better and empowers them.  

Where to find the best shapewear on sale

When it comes to body shapers quality is very important. For this reason you have to know where to buy high quality shapewear. The best shapewear and waist trainers you will find at FeelinGirl, an international online store specialized in selling qualitative body shapers. They have a wide range of fashionable and performant waist trainers, bodysuits, thigh trimmers, booty sculptors, arm trimmers and other body shapers. And they also have many sales periods all year round.

Choose the best shapewear and waist trainers according to your body type

Be it a bodysuit or a waist trainer it has to fit your body perfectly and also to get you closer to the ideal silhouette: the hourglass! For this you have to know what type of body you have and to choose the shapewear accordingly.

best waist trimmer butt lifter

1. Best shapewear for the apple body type

If you have broad shoulders, big breasts and your waist is not very well defined, you have an apple shaped body. There are many women out there with this body type and even celebrities like Tyra Banks, Drew Barrymore or Kate Winslet have it.

If you have an apple body type and want to get close to the ideal hourglass silhouette then the best women's shaping bodysuit for you is the one that will tighten your waist line and flatten your abdomen. For this you should chose a full bodysuit or bodysuits with high waist from FeelinGirl. Also, a waist trainer will do wonders to your waist, because it will add compression and you will lose many inches in an instant!

tummy control shorts

2. Best shapewear for the pear body type

If you have narrow shoulders, small breasts, a tiny waist and wide hips, then you definitely have a pear body type. Celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson have this body type and they rock it!

If you have a pear body type and you want more of an hourglass shape you have to slim down your hips and legs. For this you have to wear seamless bodysuit shorts which will squeeze your hips, lift your butt and slim your thighs while adding tummy control at the same time. Don’t worry, these shapewear shorts from FeelinGirl won’t roll up and won’t make you uncomfortable. They are breathable, super soft and seamless, which makes them perfect to be worn on a daily basis.

best thong shapewear bodysuit

3. Best shapewear for the hourglass body type

Not many women are born with an hourglass silhouette, but if you are one of them, you are extremely lucky to have the figure that most women dream of. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Dita von Tesse and Marilyn Monroe have an hourglass silhouette.

The hourglass silhouette is characterized by a small waist line and shoulders equal to the hips. It’s a very well balanced silhouette with defined curves that permits the woman who has it to literally wear anything she wants.

You might think that if you have an hourglass silhouette you may not need shapewear. But you should use it too for your body to look perfect. The best body shapers for you are the ones that will keep your waist line small and make your abdomen flat. For this you can use high waist briefs or tongs and even waist trainers. They will add compression to your waist, making it smaller and firmer.

thigh shapewear bodysuit with zipper

4. Best shapewear for the rectangle body type

The rectangle body type is characterized by narrow shoulders and hips, small breasts and a waist without definition. It’s an athletic body without any curve lines. Celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Keira Knightley and Nicole Kidman have this body type.

If you have this type of body you have to use shapewear to make it curvier and more feminine. You have to add high compression to your waist area to make it smaller and enhance your hips and butt. For this you have to choose a full body suit that has three layers fabrics that keep the waist and abdomen tight. It should also have butt pads to give a lift to your booty. You will be able to find various models of FeelinGirl shapewear that have these two characteristics, you will only have to choose the one you like the most.

plus size shaper panty

5. Best shapewear for the inverted triangle body type

If you have wide shoulders, bid breasts and small hips then you have an inverted triangle body type. Celebrities like Renee Zellweger and Naomi Campbell have this body shape.

In this case you should use shapewear that adds more volume to your hips and booty and makes your waist line smaller. High waist shaper shorts with butt pads from FeelinGirl are the perfect choice for you. They will make your butt more curvy and define your waist.

All body types are equally beautiful and for each one there is a body shaper that will make it look better. And the best shapewear for this is now on sale at FeelinGirl! You just have to identify your body type and buy the best body shaper for it! 

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