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Article: Hurry Up and Buy Shapewear for Christmas Day

holiday sales 2020

Hurry Up and Buy Shapewear for Christmas Day

Christmas day and winter holidays are just around the corner. This time of the year there are many gatherings, events and parties where you have to be present and look your best.

But after a year where you’ve mostly stayed inside, worked from home and didn’t workout that much, you probably are thinking what to wear and what not to wear to look good. Maybe you are trying to avoid wearing bodycon dresses or very tight clothes, because you are not confident enough on how it will look on you. However, you have to take this thought out of your mind and grab your favourite clothing piece regardless of how tight it is, because I have the perfect solution for you: shapewear.

Shapewear is probably the best thing invented, because it helps women to wear whatever their heart desires making them feeling confident. It’s also super comfortable and comes in various sizes. So, if you want to dress super fancy or to wear tight clothes during Christmas, you have to hurry up and buy the shapewear items that you need.

Where can you buy shapewear?

Of course, finding the perfect place to buy shapewear is not easy, especially with that many online stores out there. However, the best shapewear with high quality you can find at Feelingirl. It’s one of the best online stores when it comes to shapewear and you can easily find what you desire, because they have it all: bodysuits, shorts and panties, waist trainers, arm and thighs trimmers all in sizes from S and all the way to 6XL. And the best thing about FeelinGirl is the fact that they offer international shipping and have many sales periods and various discounts all year round!

Getting your body ready for Christmas Day

First step: buy a waist trainer

And because you still have some time until Christmas day, the first thing you should look into is the best waist trainer. You are probably wondering why? Well, because you have to lose the weight around your waist and a few inches from that area before going to all those events from the holidays season.

The waist trainer or the waist cincher is a great shapewear item that helps women to have a tiny waist and an hourglass figure. It’s super popular between the celebrities. For example, Kim Kardashian adores wearing waist trainers and this is why she has the perfect hourglass body!

What does a waist trainer do?

The waist trainer is made out of latex, a thick fabric, yet soft and breathable which makes it very easy to wear all day long without getting any irritation or feeling discomfort. You can wear it when you stay home, when you work out and even when you jog, because it won’t slip. It has adjustable straps that will keep your fat in place and sculpt your waist. You can also adjust them to fit you perfectly and you can increase the compression when you feel you could take more.

Also, in time as long as you keep wearing the waist trainer you will see many positive aspects. Your posture will improve and your back will be straighter, your waist will be smaller and your confidence would be boosted.

Second step: buy a bodysuit

The next item you should definitely buy not only for your Christmas day outfit, but for many other outfits in general is a bodysuit. This is a must have shapewear item that should not be absent from any woman’s wardrobe! And the best shapewear for tummy control you will find definitely at FeelinGirl.

The bodysuit will smooth out your silhouette while keeping everything in place. It will accentuate your natural waist line, lift your butt and make you look slimmer. You will have a beautiful hourglass shape and look amazing in anything you are going to wear. Plus, the bodysuits from FeelinGirl are seamless, they come in various colours and sizes, have adjustable straps, are very comfortable and they also have a super elastic breast part, so you don’t have to worry if your bust is larger than other women.   

You can also choose what type of bodysuit to buy. If you want for your thighs to look slimmer is best to chose a bodysuit with shorts. On the other hand, if you only want to lift your butt and have a flat tummy and a smaller waist, you can pick a bodysuit with panties or a thong bodysuit if you only want a smaller waist line.

It’s best to buy more than one bodysuit, so that you won’t struggle when you will want to wear different clothes. A bodysuit in black it’s perfect for clothes in dark colours, while a nude bodysuit is perfect for white or light coloured clothes and also for see through clothes. Also, try and buy bodysuits with different designs too to have more diversity.

If you buy these shapewear items from FeelinGirl and add them to your wardrobe, you will look amazing in your outfit for Christmas day and for many other occasions too!  

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